Thassos Island is rich in folk culture and myths. You’ll also enjoy the unique designs and classic architecture found on this mountainous island. Beautiful emerald waters of Thassos and soft sand beaches will make a special visit to Thassos, relaxing holiday in an unforgettable place. Mount strange and coastal resorts will offer guests more options in shopping, hotels, restaurants and clubs. 
 Unlike other Greek islands, Thassos pass and the colder temperatures because of its location further north in the Aegean. This only helps to make the time spent on the island to be more pleasant. Thassos offers a unique character and amaizing natural beauty .The island tourism has developed what appears to be a boon for families, couples and looking for a beautiful escape alone. In July and August proved to be the peak season terms of tourism activity. Whatever the season, Thassos offers a holiday special.



Thassos is where you really find a different kind of beauty, rare, verified, classified, given by experts.Beaches with lots of blue flags are among the best in Europe.You can find amazing landscapes in Thassos island that combines them into mountains and the sea, and nature is very rich in greenery.

There are so many beaches for all tastes. They are organized with umbrellas, sunbeds, beach bars and taverns, and also here we find private beaches, isolated or if you prefer “hidden”, these beaches can offer a truly unique pleasure.

The sea is so clean and crystal clear and makes you feel like you’re swimming in a swimming pool.




The beaches can be divided into different categories. Here is a list of some of them.

Paradise Beach (Paradise)

San Antonios Beach

Psili Ammos Beach

Atspas Beach

Alyki Beach

Pahis Beach

Makriammos Beach

Pefkari Beach

Potamia Skala Beach

Golden Beach (Chrissi Amud)

Glyfoneri Beach

Dassylio Beach

Beach Potos

Tarsanas Beach

Trypiti Beach

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